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The commercial benefits of Brand Purpose

Are 'purpose' and 'values' the new competitive advantage? This is an area more and more companies are realising is vital to their brand marketing. The benefits to your company, in terms of costs and customer loyalty, are revolutionary.

But what is ‘Brand Purpose?’

Purpose goes beyond profit. It's the reason you exist beyond being a business and articulates the wider goals your business can serve. A brand purpose could describe your broader social or environmental impact and makes the connection between your company and customers even more powerful.

Below, we look at three commercial benefits of establishing a brand purpose.

1. Purpose drives Engagement

Today’s discerning consumers are looking beyond short-term transactional relationships with the premium brands they purchase from or interact with. Brand purpose is about creating engagement with consumers at a deeper level, so they feel emotionally rewarded by your brand’s offerings and communications. When crafted correctly, brands not only create engagement, but it spreads the message further and wider, generating a larger audience.

Engagement is powerful because people trust their friends’ recommendations more than any other source. This is why building a movement of brand advocates who talk about, engage with and share your brand is one of the most effective ways to grow your company.

2. Purpose creates Loyalty

Your ‘Brand Purpose’ creates a platform for the brand story to live on. The story behind the brand strengthens when the business is part of something bigger than itself. Every brand has a story to tell. A narrative that motivates employees to serve the customer, and inspires customers to remain loyal. When you take time to develop a personal connection with customers, it can ignite a relationship that lasts for years. The purpose behind the brand is what brings these connections to life.

“A Brand is nothing more than a story wrapped around a product or service… The reason we consistently refer to a small handful of brands is because they’re the ones that have got their story straight” – Richard Cordiner

3. Purpose Improves sales conversions

A strong brand purpose creates a predisposition to a particular product or brand choice and can influence consumers' decision-making. Sound product features attract consumers, but it's the brand purpose that creates a purchasing decision. Your brand purpose could be the reason your customers choose your product over your competitors.

In summary, your Brand Purpose is not a tagline or slogan. It is the emotional reason why you do what you do and connect with your customers & audience. The purpose of your brand should be so strong that it elevates your business beyond just the sum of its parts into an entity with a personality and soul of its own. It’s our hope, that sharing the link between purpose and profits inspires your brand to dig a little deeper into why you do what you do and ultimately impacts your bottom line.

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