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How Luxury Brands can engage Millennials

Luxury brands have realised (too late in some cases) that Millennials represent a huge opportunity to grow their brands and increase revenues over the coming decades.

At The Brand Atelier, we were curious to find out how luxury brands can engage Millennials in order to strengthen relationships with their brand. These are the five key tactics that will engage this growing market.

Spark empathy

In the digital age, Millennials are more skeptical and selective about luxury brands. In order to win over the future generation of luxury buyers, brands need to communicate their brand purpose and humanize their brand story and put real people at the forefront of its storytelling.

User-Generated Content

One of the best ways for luxury brands to engage millennials is through consumer-generated content. It's not about trying to speak the millennial brand language; it's about understanding millennials 'values' and speaking their language with the brand's values. The connection that millennials establish to luxury brands is a powerful one – they are the first generation of consumers that expect a return on their emotional engagement with a brand.

Allow for Individualism

Gone are the days of using expensive goods to indicate success and achievement, which has been replaced by a desire to prove one's identity and individuality. For millennials, luxury brands should create products and services that allow them to express their individuality and craft an image that makes them feel unique and captures their personality.

Create social value

Social value and luxury can seem at odds with one another, but they don't have to. Luxury brands that serve a strong purpose are helping consumers connect with the values that matter most to them, and in turn, create bonds that go beyond just consumerism. It's time to start thinking of "brand purpose" as smart marketing and customer retention strategy for luxury brands.

Build a community

Luxury brands should consider what they can do to help customers discover their unique passions. Helping people tell each other's stories, and letting that community build connections, will help cultivate a new generation of luxury lovers. The key to this generation is to build a community where these people want to engage in your brand and provide a place for them to learn, share, and create excitement surrounding the brand.

The luxury industry is undergoing a huge generational shift, Is your luxury brand Millennial-ready?


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